The WWE is Showcasing Diversity at the Perfect Time

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WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews (source

WWE has a history of racism and really any -ism you can think of but at this moment they have one of the most diverse championship line ups ever. Here is a run down of the current champions of color-

NXT North American Champion- Keith Lee (Black)

WWE United States Champion- Apollo Crews (Black)

RAW Men’s Tag Team Champions- Street Profits (Black)

Smackdown Men’s Tag Team Champions- THE NEW DAY! (Black)

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IT’S A NEW DAY! YES IT IS! (source

Women’s Tag Team Champions- Sasha Banks and Bayley (Black and Latinx)

Raw Women’s Champion- Asuka (Japanese)

Women’s Money in the Bank Winner- Asuka

Smackdown Women’s Champions- Bayley Dos Belts (Latinx)

NXT Women’s Champion- Io Shirai (Japanese)

NXT Cruiserweight Champion- Santos Escobar (Mexican)

This only scratches the surface of how WWE has been showcasing diverse talent lately because Bobby Lashley is in the title picture for the WWE title, Velveteen Dream just lost a title match to Adam Cole (BayBay) and Nia Jax, of Samoan descent, lost to Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship. One of the most powerful stables on RAW consists of Angel Garza, Andrade and Zelina Vega.

Bayley and Sasha Banks (source

There is something endlessly compelling about seeing a black man named Apollo holding the United States Championship belt during this time of racial unrest. The United States Champion is Black. That’s amazing.

Frankly, this showcase of diverse talent is a powerful statement from a company that has been and still is largely problematic when it comes to issues of race. Representation matters and having so much diversity highlighted on the grandest stages in WWE is impactful. Every weekly show has a diverse champion and diversity in the title picture. Shotzi Blackheart fought for the NXT Tag Title yesterday (June 17th, 2020) and she is the first Filipino women’s wrestler in WWE history.

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Asuka is Ms. Money in the Bank AND the Raw Women’s Champion (source

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the WWE is a weekly television show that chooses who stars and who shines. It’s sports adjacent style hides the reality that the higher-ups in the company have complete control over who wins and who is highlighted on television. WWE is choosing to highlight a lot of diverse talent and it’s great to see.

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