Black Representation in Gaming- Is Lincoln Clay Problematic? (Mafia III)

With the remasters of the Mafia Series being released I want to look at a character and a game that took incredible risks in representing the black experience of an era. Mafia III takes place during the late sixties in New Borduex (think New Orleans). There was a lot happening racially in America during the late 60’s. The nation was reeling from the Vietnam war and the Civil Rights Movement was about to have one it’s most powerful losses with the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Mafia III takes on this entire era head on in ways no other video game has come close to. It all begins with one of the most interesting characters in gaming history Lincoln Clay.

My education is in Counseling (M. Ed). I love the Browns, Knicks, Retro Gaming, and Pro Wrestling. I've been a student affairs professional for a decade.

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